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Angela Valle

Angela Valle Angela Valle has known Mario Magonio and its Puppet Theatre  in 1976 and immediately begun one effective and prolific collaboration with the Theatre in that time called “La Giostra”. 

She has begun its career with the cabaret and the dance, that it is still her great passion, presenting Latin American dances, modern dance, jazz and Disc Music. Coming from a longest experience of many years of artistic gymnastic she possesses a not common freedom and agility that it has allowed her to excel in this art with performances as a really true professional artist.

 But Angela Valle is not only dancer, she appreciated poet. Its book Poetry Dance has been a lot appreciated from the public and the critic. At the same time her activity of animator of the Theatre La Giostra with parts of relief in Italian language and Genovesian dialect will be really appreciated.

 She had the  idea to place side by side to the small wood puppets, which it lend all the feminine voices, actors in meat and boneses. In the part of a Clown she trod the scene of the theatre talking with the puppets and with the young spectators singing song and rigmaroles. She taught moreover to dance the children... most famous the sketch where all the children at the end of the show mounted on the stage dancing the famous Dance of the Qua-Qua.. 

But the fervent fantasy of Angela Valle do not stop here. The storiboards written from the couple Valle-Magonio are numerous. We remember La Botte del Diavolo with Angela dressed as Minnie, the Principessa cieca where Angela is one Diavolona, and finally last work and sure the best the true history of the discovery of the America, written in occasion of the Columbian Manifestations of Genoa of 1992 (500 years from the discovery of the America), with Baciccia boatswain of the Saint Caravella Maria. This last storyboard has been re-adapted also for true actors in Theatre always with the participation of Angela and Mario. 

Still today, although its multiforms artistic activities, Angela Valle never forget the appeal of a puppet show, where collaborate with new ideas and presenting her gags 

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