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All the Comedies of the Puppet Theatre of Mario Magonio have been written and developed by himself in the course of the years and on the experiences of answers of his little public.

 Do not exist real written witnesses, but only notes that indicate the main lines of the history leaving to the Puppeter the possibility to take part, to adapt and to develop, the comedy following the answer of the children and the atmosphere (a circle, one school, one asylum etc). The stories are much simple and all the beauty of the fable is left to the howls and the burst of laughters... to the voices shrill or deep, to the speech stutterer of Barudda or to eccentric one of Tommy, to the speed of the action and the sonorous beatings that Baciccia generously distributes to friends and enemies.

 The history is intentionally simple, makes up and the special effects are for the television or the cinema, becouse the Puppet Theatre leaves the fantasy of the children free to gallop. It is singular, but true that after a every rappresentation every child count the same storys in various way... because every spectator with the  fantasy see the history according to his dreams... and this space the technicality of the television does not leave to nobody!

 A little interval is always destined to one good-natured satira of one or more personages of the place (the child whose birthday is matter of the party, the Director of the school, the Master of the asylum).

 Once Bacciccia has taken as target the President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini and in another occasion the Cardinal of Genoa Giuseppe Siri that were found in the theatre with the pubblic. 

Moreover every single Comedy is developed with varying of personages or action always istinctively chosen by Magonio with an eye blow on the public.

 It is a history like Chinese boxes (... we could say that is builded with hypertextual links) that make every representation unique and impossible to repeat

The masterpiece has been always The Blind Princess (La Principessa Cieca), that alone it has exceeded beyond thousand rapresentations, with its varying arrangements The Enchanted Monkey, in which it is Pinocchio to become blind, and the Sink Bewitched in which the Princess lay in the bottom of a sink prisoner of the brigands. An enormous success been obtained by the comedy Baciccia in the Country of the Bats particularly rich of scenic and sonorous effects during the final fight in the cove of the bats. 

We remember also another prestigious comedy The Devil's Barrel and another comedy with didactic implications The True History of the Discovery of the America where Baciccia is embarked as boatswain on the Santa Maria and naturally he is the man who seeing the new continent screams... earth!... earth!

 With infinite patience and helped by my memory (becouse when I was child I have seen many time this history) and with the notes of Mario Magonio I was able to reconstruct the more classic text of
 La Principessa Cieca (The blind Princess)
 that is presented integrally in the following pages for historical documentation
 and for the joy of the eventual futures aspirants Puppeters
 that may want to present it in public

La Principessa Cieca
Comedy in two Acts and one final scene by Mario Magonio
( Reconstruction from recovered notes )

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