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Don Francesco Urbano

Don Francesco Urbano, young priest of the Church of Nostra Signora delle Vigne
 in the historical center of Genoa, knew Mario Magonio when in far away 1947
 decided to construct a small Puppet Theatre for the choir-boy and the
 children of his Parish.

 He gave to Magonio, experienced workman, materials in order to construct a small puppet theatre.  Been involved from this plan they worked hardly giving life to a Company of Puppeters, with the aid of many volunteers, and for years they presented their stories in the old Chiostro of the Church. 

But unfortunately in 1952, following its vocation, he became Archpriest
 of the Parish of Camogli and with displeasure he had to abandon his boys and the little Theatre leaving to Magonio the inheritance to continue the road undertaken 
with him in the art of Puppeter. 

Today he has become Monsignore and dedicates its pastorale activity in the Parish of Nostra Signora delle Grazie at Genoa


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