Mario Magonio in 1937

Identity photo
in Mauthausen Nazi Camp


Magonio and his puppet
 Baciccia della Radiccia

Mario Magonio today


Mario Magonio was born in Genoa on 16 December 1909 and in Genoa he always lived until today. Genovesian of old tradition he loves really his home-town and the Genovesian dialet of which always was cultor and lover 

. He remained orphan in most tender age and passed his infancy in the College of the Artigianelli, managed from the Brothers of the Christian Schools. In the college he learned a profession becoming a specialized mechanical laborer  and at the age of 18 years he entered to work in the Ansaldo Shipyards of Genoa Sestri as Apprentice, and he remained there for 42 years.

 In the 1934 married with Piombo Emma and had 3 children, Maria Luisa in the 1938 and Albertina in 1940, both unfortunately do not survive dying in most tender age, 
finally in the 1942 was born Alberto who, since young, has followed him
in his artistic adventure.

 The 16 June 1944 was arrested on the workplace during a mopping-up of the Germans troup at  Ansaldo Shipyards and was subsequently deported in Germany in the concentration camp of Mauthausen and, only thanks to its ability of mechanical assembler, in a prisoner-of-war camp at Falkensee where was employee in one
 armed-wagons factory. 

It succeeds to escape in the June of 1945 with the arrival of the Russian Troops and  with others Italian escaped in a long march of beyond two months crossing continuously the lines of the forehead, to reach the border of the Brennero to return finally at home.  After a period of quarantine in a camp of the Red Cross near the Austrian border, he reaches in the month of October 1945 at least Genoa.

In 1947 he begins for hobby its activity of puppeter in the Parish of Chiesa delle Vigne
 in  Genoa where founded the
Compagnia Teatrale Genovese and taking from
 the past the characteristic Genovesian mask Baciccia to which it donates the animation of its skillful hands and the characteristic voice dialetto Genovesian dialect. After a short experiment with string puppets he returns to animate his small Theatre of glove puppets to which he dedicates completely its free time. 

The adventure continue.... for many years becomes the fixed host of all the birthdays of the Genoa well-known families, participates to television transmissions, takes part upon request to the main manifestations of Genoa Council and Autorities.

 He participates to some Films between which Voglia di Vivere of Dino Risi with Carol Alt, and in films for the TV with the direction of Nicola Difrancescantonio and the participation of Angela Valle as the likeable Smarriti and Felici and the saddest  Morte di un Burattinaio, film winning the Cinematographic Festival of Castrocaro 

He carried out many participations to the Radio broadcasting National and Regional  and many apparitions in Television and, still today, although its 92 years old, continues to present the stories of his puppets.

 Today old grandfathers, who followed the adventures of Baciccia when they were children, carry the little nephews to see the same shows, and in spite of the great technologies of the Tv and the cinema,  they still remain bewitched in front of Baciccia,  a puppet with a strong wood head...

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Partecipation of  Mario Magonio and Angela Valle to the Show  "I Fatti Vostri" on RAI Due - TV

Mario Magonio and Angela Valle in the film "Smarriti e felici" directed by  Nicola Difrancescantonio

Mario Magonio in the film "Il Burattinaio" directed by Nicola Difrancescantonio

Pictures lost


Mario Magonio and Carol Alt in the film "Vizio di Vivere" directed by  Dino Risi

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