The Collaborators

Angela Lazzeroni

She knows Mario Magonio and his Theatre in 1974 accidentally assisting to a show, and is endured attracted from that world for her completely new

She proposed herself as collaborator and thanks to its great availability and organizational ability become endured the factotum of the company, just for this reason comes nicknamed the Tata. 

Taxes, permissions, negotiations with the artists agents and the customers become her specialty and her greatest logic and clarity become the just counterbalance to the creativity and passion of the actors who in short time depend for all from her

 Nevertheless she  participated actively to the laboratory of the theatre in every occasion becoming taylor, painter, carpenter and driver following the
 requirements of the moment. 

In particular she preferred to work during the shows like technician of the sound and noise effect and some soundtrack, mixed and recorded for hours with infinite patience, were a indispensable componentof the shows.

 There are by now 22 years that she follows the company and her passion and availability is still today the same of the first day, becouse, as she is usual to say with her Tuscany accent:

Il Teatro dei Burattini oh ti fa rimanere
una bimbina per sempre...!


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