WPS Class Manager v. 0.1

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License agreement

The use of the program implies acceptance of the conditions stated above!


This is a small applet for the management of the WPS classes.
This program should be used only by advanced OS/2 - eCS users, aware of the consequences of registering/deregistering WPS classes.


The application consists in an executable file, this documentation file and a REXX installation script.
To install the program, unzip the archive in directory of your choice and double click on the install.cmd icon to create a program object in your Desktop\Programs\Utilities folder.
If the Utilities folder is not found the object will be created either in your Programs folder or in your Desktop folder.


This program allows:

The program consists in just one dialog window presenting the list of the currently registered WPS classes sorted alphabetically.
The list is divided in two columns. On the left there is the WPS class name, on the right the name of the DLL containing its definition.

The Refresh button makes the program re-scan the WPS class list data updating the window content.
When an item in the list is selected the Edit , the Deregister  and the Remove  buttons are enabled.

The Edit button allows to change the name or the path of the DLL containing the definition of the currently selected class.
Once you click on Edit  (or double click on a class item in the list window) the data of the selected class is written in the Class name  and the Module name  entry fields.
After having modified the content of the Module name  entry field you must click on the Apply button to update the module data.
You can click any time on the Cancel button to exit Edit mode  and leave the class data unmodified.

To register an new WPS class enter the class name and the name of the DLL containing the class definition in the entry fields, click on the Add button and on the Ok  button in the confirmation dialog which will as a consequence pop up.

To deregister the selected WPS class click on the Deregister button. A confirmation dialog will ask you to confirm the deregistration.
If the current class cannot be deregistered via the standard WinDeregisterObjectClass  API, you can still deregister it via the Remove button which works at a lower level and allows to remove even the underegistrable classes.

Planned features

Depending on the user requests (and will to pay for the needed development costs) I might add the following features:


In this stage of development, no program registration is needed.
You are free to use this version of the program until a new version is available.