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scarica video di parapendio

I Work in a bank where I am concerned with computers as a computer specialist. You can see my curriculum vitae. I am also a pilot of paragliding and of ULMS with regular certificate released by Aeroclub of Italy.

Meduno My opinion is that nothing is more exciting than gliding. I refer to the activity of fliying without any engine as with hang-gliders or paragliders. Most of all I am fond of flying with paragliders. It's more than a sport. It has links with the culture of freedom, of no violence, of love for nature and life. It's fantastic if you enjoy it with friends that share the same ideals and safe if the practice is made with caution. I consider it more than a simple sport activity, an integration with my philosopy of life. I cannot exagerate the moral quality of this behaving. There are other actions, made for the welfare of all the people, that deserve much more similar praises. I refer to those people who are volunteres in the crise zones of the world, and to the ones who work trying to bring peace on earth without presumptions legitimated by belonging to a party or a different ideology. My intent is only to emphazize that the flying of a paragliding can remember to all the ones who lift there sight toward the sky, that human beings are not satisfied only by material needs and safety, because their spirit always aims at a freedom able to enlarge the horizon of their mind. Freedom that for me doesn't mean pollution or invasion of the space that belongs to other people, but active keeping and sharing with serenity that priceless good rapresented by our world.



If You are interested to discover the best zone for flight in the north - east of Italy, I invite You to connect to site of the CFP (Friulian Center of Paraglinding). Presently I am organizing groups of friends fond of paragliding interested to fly in my zone. If You have a regular license to fly and You are interested in spending a holiday flying in these places you may send me an e-mail (, specifying the period in which you would be free. Also for wives and simpathizers it is possible to fly with the paraglide tandem or with ultralight planes (in Enemonzo - Carnia).

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