The members of this ministry pray for the needs of the whole prayer community, the needs of the city of Rome and for all the countries the members represent. The prayer community embraces not only those in Rome but all those who are members now spread throughout the world. The Lumen Christi has a universal and missionary dimension with horizons unlimited. Those in the Nazareth Ministry undertake to pray for a period of time each day, if possible before the Blessed Sacrament. Once a month they meet together for an afternoon of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, followed by the celebration of the Eucharist. This afternoon of prayer is held at the Annunciation Chapel of the Francescan Missionaries of Mary, Via Giusti,12, Rome, every second Saturday of the month from 16.00 to 18.00 till the end of Mass, which begins at 17.15. Everyone is welcome to come for this afternoon or whatever part of it they can manage or be spiritually present wherever they happen to be in the world.


The Reflection Leaflets prepared and distributed for each Monthly Adoration:

January 2000
Third Millennium Through Christ Our Savior
Calls to Penance in the Bible
Her Forgetful Children
[Extracts from the Encyclical "Paenitentiam Agere" of Pope John XXIII, July 1, 1962

February 2000
"God has made nothing incomplete"
"If nature is not violated and degraded, it once again becomes man's sister"
The Glory of the Trinity in Creation by John Paul II General Audience, 26 January 2000
Blessed Joseph Vaz suduing man-killing elephant in Ceylon forest [Painting by Bernard Roedert (1875-?)





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