SlagPanic is a draw and reveal game written in Python.
It's released under the terms of the GPL licence.
Players are represented as little rhombs, that must draw squared frames to reveal the background picture, avoiding to be killed by monsters.

Here some snapshots:

SlagPanic should works at least on Windows and Linux platforms, but on other platforms that support Python and SDL you shouldn't have any trouble.

In order to run SlagPanic, you have to install Python (, Pygame (, Numeric ( and PIL ( PIL is only suggested to save compressed snapshot.

You can download CVS sources tree from savannah typing:

export CVS_RSH="ssh"

cvs -z3 co slagpanic

or downloading the souces zipped file:

SlagPanic is not entirely written in Python, there is a little C++ module called "optim.cpp", created to increase a function's performance. It's available a Python version of this function, but is very slow, the game will result unplayable. Type "python build" to compile this module.