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   ATLANTIC v2.0 is a 16 bit DOS Extender Structural Engineering tool for static analysis and design of steel framed 3D structures. It is user friendly and uses a completely visual approach for model generation and results presentation.
   No limits in node or beam number. Structures of many hundred of nodes can be solved quite easily.
    Each element of structural model (nodes, beams, materials, restraints, releases)  is generated in a graphic and interactive way, with an immediate visual control on the data validity. Each result ( stresses, displacements, support reactions) can be shown on the screen. The user can print high resolution screen shots as well as results in a tabular form. The program performs also the verification of steel structures according to AISC-ASD Code.
It is composed by 3 modules: Pre-Processor, Solver and Post-Processor.

System Requirements
DOS 5.0 or above. The program also runs (even better) in a Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT or OS/2 window.

Download ATLANTIC v2.0 now !

Download from SIMTEL sites

Download Manual in Spanish! (manual_esp.exe, 542kb)
Translated by Hernan Cainzo

Reviewed by: Mechanical engineering

 Visual creation of structural models: interactive generation of nodes (single, linear, circular and normal to a plane), beams (single, linear, divide, intersect) , restraints, releases and materials. Structure generation by extrusion, mirror, rotation, nodes and beams drag.  Nodal concentrated loads and nodal settlements, trapezoidal beam loads, thermal loads. Edit of en entire loading. Fixed or elastic restraints. 3D or wire-frame representation. Merge of different structures. Internal database for structural shapes.
Performs system resolution for static analysis.
All output results are shown on the screen and/or
printed: moment, shear and axial load diagrams, displaced structure,
support reactions in vector form. Diagrams for loading, combinations,
enveloped combinations. Maximum and minimum for stresses, displacements,
reactions. Selection of part of a structure.
S-beam for check of several beams as a unique beam.
Verifications according to AISC-ASD code. 

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