We currently have the following creatures:

TARANTA  price: $ 3.500 USD
- Lycosa Paradoxus. This spider is yellow-brown colour and weighs 7 kilograms. 

CANERATTO   price: $ 10.000 USD 
We sell two different species of Caneratto: 
- Caneratto Giganteus. It is a giant breed, red-brown colour, weighs over 50 kilograms. 
- Caneratto Pygmaeus. It is a dwarf breed, grey-blue colour and weighs 30-40 kilograms. ***sold out*** 
The pet is different but the price does not change. It is the same per each Caneratto: $ 10.000 USD. 

KIRO-KIRO  price: $ 4.000 USD 
- Desmodus Monstruosus. This giant vampire is blue-brown colour, 75 cms high and over 220 cms wing span. 

SARDUS FEROX  price: $ 15.000 USD 
- Sardus Ferox. It is stronger than a lion, pink-brown colour and weighs over 160 kilograms. 

PONGO   price: $ 5.000 USD 
- Pongo Inelegans. It is yellow-grey colour, twelve inches high and weighs less than 3 kilograms. 

             Prices Effective from 1st January 2005
                   International Orders Accepted

1. These pets are not suitable for children. We sell to adults only. 
2. The number of pets is limited and we prefer to sell by booking. 
3. Every pet is accompanied by a complete book on its keeping. There is also a card concerning to its personal particulars. 
4. We ship nationally and overseas. 
5. After the delivery we do not refund our clients. 
6. We are not responsible for damages caused by our pets. The responsible is the new owner.


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         These Pets Are Not Toys. They Are Dangerous And Kill.

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