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On La Torre farm we use organic farming methods with the total exclusion of

plant protection products, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

We sell our own products direcctly on-line: green olives, both in brine and in

oil, extra-virgin olive oil, prickly pears, oranges.

Our cultivation methods, employing substances of organic origin and techniques

that are appropriate to enhancing and protecting the unique environment where

arboreal intercropping is still practised, guarantee the real, full effectiveness

of the therapeutic properties of our products.

More than one hundred olive trees from tha old original grove which dates back

to about 1600, still survive, in perfect vegetative and productive condition, in the

farm's olive grove, which covers an area of about 7 ha.

Both the old and the more recent olive trees, of the nocellara dell'Etna variety, 

are cultivated according to the traditional system based on intercropping, parti-

cular to the Etna region.

The defence and development of the productive and qualitative strength of the

plants lies in the diversity of species.

Moreover it can be a valid answer for those who want natural, healthy products

and agricultural land of great environmental and ecological value.

On the farm the olive trees are grown intercropped with almond trees, prickly

pears, orange trees and oaks and in an environment rich in various indigenous

grasses which are cut periodically, without the use of any kind of chemicals.

In the production process, the cultivation of the land , pruning, irrigation, fertili-

zing, spraying, are carried out with particular care, by hand only.

If spraying is needed, lime and copper sulphate are generally used.

The fertilizers are rich in minerals with an moderate amount of nitrogen of

organic origin.

The volcanic nature of the soil allows excellent irrigation and guarantees the

absence of excessive, permanent soil humidity.


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 A late maturing muscat blood orange, particulary prized for its pleasant taste, abundance of

sweet. fragrant juice, and its keeping properties. A fruit of high vitamin (A+C) and minera-

lizing content; a valid tonic for the albedo (the white part inside the skin), composed of very

soft pectin, they are the most effective remedy for constipation.




Production and marketing period: February- April.

Price: Euro 1,29/kg  - free delivery Italy.

Minimum order of 100 kg.


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Yellow and blood-red, sessile fruit of the second flowering

variety (bastardoni), crunchi, deliquescent, sweet, fragrant

flesh, extremely pleasant taste, thick skin, resistant and

keep well. They have a remarkable vitamin C, carotene 

and calcium content. The high pectin and mucillage con-

tent reduces inflammation of the walls and mucous mem-

branes of the stomach and digestive tract, and also the

cellular tissue of the liver.




Production and marketing period: September-November.

Price; Euro 1,66/kg - free delivery Italy.

Minimum order of 100 kg.


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prickly pears


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Our whole, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil comes from the olives of

the " nocellara dell'Etna"variety grown on the farm.

It is an oil of extraordinary quality for its bouquet, composition, acidity.


Price: drum 5,00 litres - Euro 54,75  -  free delivery Italy.

Minimum order of 25 litres.

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oil bottles


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Green olives in brine, of the "nocellara dell'Etna "variety, have a special flavour

and bouquet typical of the Etna region.

As the olives are harvested the are put in brine with the addition of wild fennel, 

which grows on the farm, as a traditional seasoning. They are not boiled or 

treated in any way to make them sweeter. The brine is free from bleaching and

antioxidant agents. Once mature they are transferred to glass jars, renewing

the brine, or, if they are pitted, topping up with extra-virgin olive oil.

They are a higly energetic food owing to their vitamin content and to the com-

plex range of essential fats similar to that of the human body.

As an hors d'oeuvre they are a powerful regulator of the salivary secretions

and of the gastric canal.

As an accompaniment to meals, apart fom being highly nutritious, they help

cleanse the liver and are an excellent laxative.

They are rich in vitamins E and F, and very effective in defending body cells

against ageing.

Considerable are the benefits for those who need to regain a sense of balance

in body and mind.



Pack: box of 12 glass jars cc. 580.

Prices: whole in brine n 1 box - Euro 52,68

         pitted in oil n 1 box - Euro  99,24 

Minimum order of 3 box- Free delivery Italy.


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Azienda La Torre - Ing. Pasquale Corsaro

Sede: Via Dante Majorana, 2 - 95030 Sant Agata Li Battiati (CT) Italia

Tel. 095.211216/914002 - Fax 095.211216

e-mail: pascor@iol.it  




To the senses of the law 675/96 we declare that all the personal dates comunicated

by the buyers will be used only to obey the obligations foreseen from the law and to

give complete execution to the operations foreseen in this service.



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