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Sanche di Vezza

Wine: Roero Arneis DOC
Area of production: Vezza d'Alba
Vineyard: Sanche
Position: Altitude 340 m South
Ground type: Prevalently sandy
Surface (Ha) approx.: 0.8
Year: 1980
N° of bottles produced approx.: 4,500
Grapes: 100% Arneis
Vintage period and management: The manual harvest takes place at the second part of September
Fermentation: After the maceration, that it is about twelve hours long, follows the controlled fermentation at about 15 ° C for 15 –20 days
Ageing and refining: The wine is put in stainless steel vats for 7 – 8 months. The right moment of bottling takes place in the first months of the following year. The refining is carried out in a place at constant temperature and right humidity, protected from sunlight and artificial light.
Tasting properties: The wine is appreciated for its refined elegance. It presents a beautiful straw yellow colour, the scent , where the clean apple aromas predominate, is fruity and very delicate. A wide range of sensations derive from this wine. The taste is balanced , elegant and slightly bitters.
Recommended with: With fish dishes. However you can drink it extremely well with our cold hors d’ouvres or like aperitif.