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Rio Sordo

Wine: Barbaresco DOCG.
Area of production: Barbaresco.
Vineyard: Rio Sordo.
Position: Altitude 330 m South West.
Ground type: Clay and limestone.
Surface (Ha) approx.: 0.8
Year: 1960
N of bottles produced approx.: 3,000
Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo.
Vintage period and management: The manual harvest of the grapes takes place at the half of October.
Fermentation: With controlled temperature (about 28C) for a period of 15 20 days.
Ageing and refining: The ageing takes place in French oak (mid size barrels), where the wine is allowed to mature for 1 years. After the ageing, the wine is put in the bottles without any filtration. The refining is carried out in a place at constant temperature and right humidity, protected from sunlight and artificial light.
Tasting properties: This wine has a great form and, adequately refined, promises strong and pleasant sensation. The colour is ruby red, intense, with typical garnet reflections. The scent is lingering, with clean aroma of violets and dry fruit. The taste is typical with full body and huge persistence in the mouth that exalts the first quality and harmony.
Recommended with: Tasty and savoury meat dishes are recommend; it is really suited to mature cheese.