Castiglione Falletto  

Vintage wineryVinification. Our method of production is traditional, followed very carefully and based on the long experience of the enologist Giacinto Brovia and the new techniques incorporated by Cristina.
It starts by a light bears pressing and the separation of the grape and the grape stalk.
The temperatures of fermentation are always between 28-30 ° C and the time of the maceration depends on the kind of wine. After that, our wines have a natural stabilisation. Then the wines are aged and refined in bottle.
Naturally we follow all these tasks with continuous laboratory analysis and controlled and periodical tasting
that allows us to decide the right moment for doing each operation.Giacinto Brovia
The ageing of Barolo and Barbaresco wines takes place in barrels of Slavonia
and French oak of approx. 30 Hl.
When the ageing is completed, the wine is bottled in a natural way, which
means, without any filtration; for the refining the bottles are put in a place with constant temperature and humidity, protected from sunlight and artificial light.
Here the wine develops and expands its typical “bouquet” and gives the best sensation.