download SETUP-game.exe (2 Mb)

Poets game by:

Angelo Franzini

This is a game to train your orientering capabilities and 3d visual functions of your calcarine

and motor cortex


double click  SETUP-game.exe that is a self extracting and self installing file

look for    Poets 2 game   in the Programs menu


1- You have to move in a virtual landscape with a bizarre vehicle you can pilot with the keyboard's   arrow keys

2-  Press the  space bar  to go faster

3- Press  Alt  to see the compass during navigation

when the game start you will see a palm and a map representing the country you are entering

4- Press  Tab to see a detailed map of the country  (never press Alt and Tab in the same time!)

5- The cardinal points and the objects on the map are your only reference points to navigate

6- Now you start navigation but you cannot move up the mountains until you have found the first monolith (Dones monolith)

7- Do not  climb the mountains before viewing and colliding  three times  with the dones monolith (danger of strong air currents!)

8- After colliding three or more times with the Dones monolith you are able to climb and fly over the mountains

9- Now you have to find the second monolith located over the mauntains (see the map and use your compass!)

10- After collision with the second monolith exit from the canyon you are and cross the sea to reach the square canyon

11- Navigate within the square canyon (see the map!) and look for the third monolith on the top the mountain corner

12- Collide once with the third monolith and came back to the palm from where the game started

13 - The collision with the palm will display for you a message about the sense of life in a new spatial scenary!