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This cool guy is me! Incredible, isn't it?   Personal data (PDF curriculum vitae*)
Place & date of birth : Dolo (VE) Italy, 13 September 1982
Civil state : Single
Military conscription : done
Driving license : B
E-mail : steelgunbladeyahooit (asc)

2008 : Master degree in Statistics and Computing Science, Faculty of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua.
Thesis title: "Data Parallelism for Multicore Processors (Virtual parallelism on multicore CPUs)".
Supervisor: Migliardi Mauro.
Final votation: 102/110.
2004 : Undergraduate Bachelor in Statistics and Computing Tecnology, Faculty of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua.
Thesis title: "ASP.net potenzilità ed usabilità".
Supervisor: Deambrosis Graziano.
Final votation: 106/110.
2001 : High school Technical diploma in Computing Science, obtained at I.T.I.S. Francesco Severi of Padua.
Thesis title: "XML Documents".
Final votation: 73/100.
2000 : Course named "Introduction to Java" at the I.T.I.S. Francesco Severi of Padua.
Final votation: 7.5/10.

Brief description
I am patient and perseverant, i like challenges (but not too many at the same time) and i prefer the information technology area. I have an high school technical diploma in Computing Science and so I like programming in C++ and writing LAMP applications (web interface programs). I am open to learn new programming languages and to develop/upgrade applications and databases. Besides Information Technology I obviously like Statistics Science and all the various operations we can apply on the data masses that are recored over the time.

Arguments Level
English - writing
English - speeching
MS Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)
MS Office, OpenOffice
C/C++, Java, Visual Basic
MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Other Informations
  • Aptitude for team-works.
  • Interests: swimming, pop-music, programming, reading books

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My System Specs

CPU AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core Processor
GPU ATI Radeon HD2600Pro - 512MB VRAM
Mainboard ASUS M3A
RAM 8GB DDR2 667MHz in Dual Channel mode
Mass storage
(SATA 300)
  • 150GB Hitachi
  • 500GB Western Digital x2
Optical storage
  • LiteON CD-RW 52x24x52x
  • LiteON DVD+/-RW +8x4x8x -4x2x8x
Power supply
  • LG Power 550W
  • PowerCom EPS1200AP - UPS@1200W
PCI devices
  • NEC 5 USB 2.0 Expansion card
  • Creative Labs SB Live! 5.1
  • ATI Tv Wonder PCI video capture device
  • Canon Lide 35 scanner, 1200x2400Dpi, 48Bit,Usb 2.0
  • Netgear DG834 v4
  • Zyxel Switch Es-105 5 ports
  • Creative Cambridge SoundWorks 4.1
  • Panasonic wireless phones (100mt of range)
  • Sony Playstation (3 joypad + 1 dualshock)
  • Microsoft XBOX (3 joypad + Action replay 8MB)
  • Microsoft XBOX360 Pro (1 wireless joypad + Sata HD)
  • XBOX Action replay USB dock device
  • Acer LCD 17'' monitor
  • Asus LCD 17'' monitor
  • Microphone
  • Trust optical mouse, 5 buttons, 2 wheels
  • Logitech optical mouse, 3 buttons, 1 wheel
  • Nortek keyboard Nk 840, 104 keys + 47 special keys + scroll
  • Creative webcam
  • Kodak C813 camera (4GB USB)
  • Sandisk Cruzer SD/MMC card reader + SD 64Mb
  • Nokia 5510 phone (mp3,64MB USB)
  • Trustmaster Joypad (12 buttons,2 sticks,8 direction cross)
  • Sony video stream manager (4 scart, 2 rca, 6 buttons)
  • ATLAS customizable aerial
  • Brondi home telephone
  • Brondi Caller ID

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