Call for the european week of mobilization


We, movements, organizations, trade unions, associations, and different components of civil society who participated to the ESF in London, reaffirm the principles of the World Platform of Struggle adopted by the third World Education Forum in 2004.

1)Education is a priority and an inalienable human right, throughout people's lives.

2)this right is essential for the access to other rights, for the construction of solidarity- based values , for emancipation and the practice of citizenship.

3)Public policies must ensure the realization of these rights.

4)It' a state duty to guarantee, in an universal and free manner, without discrimination or exclusion, the full right to an emancipatory public education, in all levels and modalities.

For this we are against neo liberal european policies in education.

Against the subordination of education to the needs of employers;

Against casualization of school workers;

Against the reinforcing of social inequalities;

Against the narrowing and diluting of the curriculum which deprives the majority of full access to culture.


For this we are for education as high quality public service.

For high quality education training and conditions of work for all education workers;

For increasing of public investments in education.(7% at least of G.P.D.);

For critical thinking and active citizenship;

For inclusion of students with special needs, immigrants and refugees;

For participation, democracy and students rights;

In this perspective school and higher education must become a collective democratic public place which welcomes, recognizes, values and creates relationships among the different actors ( teachers ,students, parents and the community)

Therefore we believe it's necessary to promote a general mobilisation of students, teachers, citisens

We call for an european week of mobilizationand activities involving the different partners of the society from 8th to 15th of May.