For anyone wanting to study, speak or improve a language!

Il villaggio globale is your online meeting point- or in person if you live in the Sydney area - to start learning a language or to improve your language knowledge.


Italian, Spanish and English are the languages you can study online, offline or in a Skype chat session/videoconference.


"Web" students will be able to:

  1. study and converse online - live through Skype - or through recorded messagges when not available online
  2. download documents and worksheets to their desktop
  3. complete interactive, self-correcting activities
  4. order online study material, in printable pdf format




Online access and costs are as following:


  • viewing or downloading of online study material available on the blog page or on the homepage (with Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox) ; cost: free

  • communicating with tutor via email for teaching advise, corrections, comments, feedback, etc. This also includes work units or activities tailored to the student's needs; cost: free

  • live online lesson through Skype, in a chat window, in audio mode or in videoconferencing mode; cost: $US15 for 30 minutes.


    Detailed Costs & Method of payment :

  • Live online sessions cost $US15 per 30 minutes (or $US30 for 1 hour). First 30m demonstration lesson is free.
  • Preferred method of payment is Skype (Send money to someone) or Paypal. After initial demo lesson, if you are happy to continue with us, we would like you to make a first payment of $US60, which covers first two hours of online tutoring. After completion of this tutoring block, we will ask you to make a new $60 payment, and so on. At any stage you will be reimbursed part of, or a whole tutoring block, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work.


Face-to-face lessons , in Sydney, cost $AUD 60 / an hour. I live in the St. George area. Any email, phone assistance, or sending of work material is guaranteed during the entire teaching period.


Specialised lessons are also available, such as Italian/Spanish diction and pronunciation lessons for Opera singers or actors.


Finally, a fast, accurate and affordable translation service is available from and into any of the three languages (Italian, English or Spanish). Click here for more info.



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