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I sette livelli, dal principiante al prestigioso Certificate of Proficiency in English rilasciato dall’Università di Cambridge, sono disponibili on-line e vi guidano passo dopo passo fino ad identificare il livello di corso adatto alla vostra preparazione.
Il meccanismo di valutazione dipende dal numero di risposte esatte e dal tempo impiegato.

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4° Livello

Per superare il test Bisogna rispondere correttamente almeno a 6 domande su 10

Quiz Number:  4
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 4
Teacher:  Churchill
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 Her friends want ________ with them.
a) her to go  
b) that she goes  
c) her go  
d) her goes  
2 If you hadn't spent all your money, you _______ bought the video camera you like so much.
a) should have  
b) could have  
c) would have  
d) had  
3 3) How ________ !
a) she is strange  
b) is she strange  
c) strange she is  
d) strangely she is  
4 They are rather late. They _________ called to let us know.
a) can have  
b) should have  
c) have had  
d) would have  
5 He spends all his free time _______ T.V.
a) watch  
b) to watch  
c) to watching  
d) watching  
6 They got married in June. They ________ married for 2 years next June.
a) will have been  
b) will be  
c) shall be  
d) shall have been  
7 It's the first time I ________ London.
a) visit  
b) have visited  
c) am visiting  
d) 'll visit  
8 We are not used _________ on Saturdays.
a) to work  
b) working  
c) work  
d) to working  
9 His mother thinks he'd better ________ his doctor.
a) to see  
b) seeing  
c) to seeing  
d) see  
10 I watched a _________ late last night.
a) film of horror  
b) horror's film  
c) horror film  
d) film's horror