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I sette livelli, dal principiante al prestigioso Certificate of Proficiency in English rilasciato dall’Università di Cambridge, sono disponibili on-line e vi guidano passo dopo passo fino ad identificare il livello di corso adatto alla vostra preparazione.
Il meccanismo di valutazione dipende dal numero di risposte esatte e dal tempo impiegato.

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5° Livello

Per superare il test Bisogna rispondere correttamente almeno a 6 domande su 10

Quiz Number:  5
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 5
Teacher:  Churchill
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 You might understand the rule better if you try _______ your own sentences.
a) make  
b) to make  
c) making  
d) to making  
2 Seat belts are now ________ when driving.
a) voluntary  
b) compulsive  
c) obliged  
d) compulsory  
3 The ________ to the airport was rather tiring because of the fog.
a) outing  
b) journey  
c) travel  
d) voyage  
4 We ________ a lot of Spanish when we stayed in Salon last summer.
a) picked out  
b) picked up  
c) picked off  
d) picked on  
5 The police traced the burglar because he left his ________ on the door.
a) finger prints  
b) finger marks  
c) finger tips  
d) finger ends  
6 "His secretary has ________ golf in order to relax at weekends.
a) taken over  
b) taken off  
c) taken up  
d) taken in  
7 We'd rather they ______ to anyone about the incident.
a) don't talk  
b) couldn't talk  
c) may not talk  
d) didn't talk  
8 The Richardsons ________ anybody who isn't as wealthy as they are.
a) look away from  
b) look round at  
c) look up to  
d) look down on  
9 Her mother remembers distinctly ________ her to lok all the doors and windows.
a) telling  
b) to tell  
c) to have told  
d) to telling  
10 It was an accident. I didn't do it __________ .
a) by purpose  
b) at purpose  
c) in purpose  
d) on purpose