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I sette livelli, dal principiante al prestigioso Certificate of Proficiency in English rilasciato dall’Università di Cambridge, sono disponibili on-line e vi guidano passo dopo passo fino ad identificare il livello di corso adatto alla vostra preparazione.
Il meccanismo di valutazione dipende dal numero di risposte esatte e dal tempo impiegato.

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6° Livello

Per superare il test Bisogna rispondere correttamente almeno a 6 domande su 10

Quiz Number:  6
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 6
Teacher:  Churchill
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 To prevent your bicycle being stolen you should put _______ on it.
a) a pad lock  
b) a latch  
c) a screw  
d) a handcuff  
2 I'm allergic to strawberries. Whenever I eat them I come out in a __________.
a) bruise  
b) swelling  
c) rash  
d) pimple  
3 I would be glad if you would call at any time _________ to you.
a) appropriate  
b) convenient  
c) likely  
d) opportune  
4 The _________ in car sales is causing concern to the Italian manufacturers.
a) offset  
b) slump  
c) boom  
d) deterioration  
5 We were quite _________ when we heard the news.
a) brought round  
b) put up  
c) turned up  
d) taken aback  
6 I'm rather _______ for time now. Couldn't you call later?
a) pressed  
b) pulled  
c) strained  
d) stressed  
7 He lost his _______ and his shoe fell into the river.
a) grasp  
b) keep  
c) grip  
d) clasp  
8 My sister is so _______ that she believes everything she's told.
a) believable  
b) gullible  
c) credible  
d) doubtful  
9 The sky is so _______ that I fear there's going to be a storm.
a) overcast  
b) clouded  
c) overshadowed  
d) over clouded  
10 The plot of his new play is so illogical that it _______ on the ridiculous.
a) touches  
b) hangs  
c) borders  
d) edges