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I sette livelli, dal principiante al prestigioso Certificate of Proficiency in English rilasciato dall’Università di Cambridge, sono disponibili on-line e vi guidano passo dopo passo fino ad identificare il livello di corso adatto alla vostra preparazione.
Il meccanismo di valutazione dipende dal numero di risposte esatte e dal tempo impiegato.

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7° Livello

Per superare il test Bisogna rispondere correttamente almeno a 6 domande su 10

Quiz Number:  7
Course Name:  Churchill
Quiz N0. : 7
Teacher:  Churchill
No. of Questions= 10
Pass mark is - 60 %.

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1 I didn't know which _______ of coffee to buy, so I got the cheapest.
a) mark  
b) brand  
c) label  
d) make  
2 He's been ______ with manslaughter.
a) accused  
b) arrested  
c) charged  
d) sentenced  
3 She _____ her disappointment at losing by congratulating the winner and shaking his hand.
a) shielded  
b) masked  
c) veiled  
d) hid  
4 He tried ______ with all the knobs on the T.V. but he still couldn't get a decent reception.
a) juggling  
b) turning  
c) fiddling  
d) tampering  
5 This cut of meat _______ itself to stews and slow cooking.
a) suits  
b) adapts  
c) lends  
d) offers  
6 I ______ you that your complaint will be looked into.
a) confirm  
b) assure  
c) insist  
d) guarantee  
7 Don't leave the tools out in the rain. They'll only get __________.
a) rough  
b) rusty  
c) blunt  
d) crude  
8 I'm afraid you've been ______. That's not a real diamond, it's a fake.
a) taken in  
b) taken up  
c) taken off  
d) taken over  
9 There's been a _______ in public opinion as far as the legalisation of some drugs is concerned.
a) turn  
b) motion  
c) shift  
d) drift  
10 The little boy cried his _______ out when his pet dog died.
a) lungs  
b) heart  
c) soul  
d) mind