Call for poets from a space-shuttle!

Landing preview 1: Planet Earth, Europe, Venice.

Earth Time: October 9 2009 Ė Night of Light.





Maybe poets are like aliens on Earth, but they are welcome on board on my shuttle. Maybe poetry is like watching from an extreme point of view, other perspective, something to preserve in our globalizedand homologated, standardized world. Maybe our world is a place from which to escape... But certainly we are going to come back, for affirming the point of view of poetry against power, violence, destruction of cultures and identities. Happy of this new collaboration with the artist, curator, and friend, Marco Nereo Rotelli in the Venice Biennial, I invite you all to come with me on board: letís save poetry, let's save the differences, memory, identity, ourselves. Virtual Mercury House is dedicated to my friend visual and performance poet Eugenio Miccini. (Caterina Davinio)
Special Thanks: Paolo Scibelli, Orlando Pandolfi