The picture above depicts the environment around
Isernia circa 736.000 years ago.
Several studies conducted up to now, allow to reconstruct some appearance of the life of this pre-historic man of Isernia and the environment in which he lived in. A few people, maybe a small tribe, had built a camp near the river's edge, and to make it livable reclaimed the surrounding swamp, filling it with stones and large bones of the mammals hunted on a daily basis, within its proximity. The site, indeed much different from that of today's, offered unreserved vegetation, a prairie-like setting that was able to feed large animals. The long dry season that favoured the development of open vegetation was usually followed by a short and umid season that made the river's water brakish before cresting and flooding the surrounding with sand and silt. This process of many years was able to preserve the site covering the fields that had been reclaimed by man. This camp was temporary and seasonal, inherent corollary of economic and nomadic life due the wandering of the animals from whom the primitive man derived his daily existence.




Paleolitical Ground
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