Isernia: A Young Province With An Old Heart.


Isernia, a Molise's province since 1970.
Its history gets lost between the turn of time, having originated, perhaps, when in its valleys lived the community of the first europeans. The city is poised over a hilly crest, between two rivers, in the midst of a basin surrounded by mountains. Because of its ubication, the city retains a great central position, being distant no more than 70 km. from other towns of the province. The railroad and highway system coupled with the continental climate allows to maximize this location for incomparable summer and winter residence.




The Fontana Fraterna, the most famous city monument, going back to the XIII century. It was built with materials of the roman period. Some of the stone fragments came most likely from the family of Pontius Pilate, native of Isernia.



The Hermitage of Holy Doctors Cosma and Damiano, featuring a phallic light tower. This hermitage sits on the ruins of the temple where Priapus was worshipped.



One of the Marble Lions ornating the southern entrance to the municipal park. Originating from an old city fountain, going back to the XVI century, adorning the Andrea d'Isernia' square.




Corso Marcelli and, in the foreground, the Arch of St. Peter.



The Fallen Heroes monument in the Memorial Park.



The Tombolo, a very old handicraft.
Isernia's laces are recognized all over the world. In the picture, some local ladies working the tombolo in a small square adjacent to the Historic Centre.



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