Pagina 8 sono lascrime mentre piove, piove.

(Carmen Consoli-L'ultimo bacio)

There's no Jesus here to explain

(The Cardigans-Higher)

I feel like a rejekt now
I remember there was
Nothing could impress you even if I tried

(The Cranberries-Loud and clear)

We used to be so free We were
living for the love we had and living not for reality It was just my imagination

(The Cranberries-Just my imagination)

And I'm not to able to pray anymore,
And I cannot hope in love anymore
And I canot wait for that love anymore

(U2-Miss Sarajevo)

Nothing seems to be going right


Domandarsi perchè quando cade la tristezza in fondo al cuore
come la neve non fa rumore

(Lucio Battisti-Emozioni)

The trees that whishper in the evenig
sing a song of sorrow and grieving

(M.Olfield-Moonlight shadow)

Feel the wibe, feel the terror, feel the pain it's driving me insane
I can't fake for good sakes why am I driving in the wrong lane
troubles is my second name

(Hooverphonics-Mad about you)

It's late at night, and I'm feeling down
There are couples standing on the street Shering summer kisses and silly sounds.
So I step inside, pour a glass of wine.
With a full glass and a empty heart I search for something to occupy my mind.

(The Corrs-Radio)

No more waiting, no more aching, no more fighting, no more trying...
Maybe there's nothing more to say and in a funny way
I'm calm because the power is not mine I'm just goin to let it fly...

(The Corrs-What can I do)

A bleeding heart torn apart
left on a icy grave

(The Corrs-Forgiven not forgotten)