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        54 mm Handpainted Lead Model-Soldier Dioramas


D1NapleW.gif (223582 byte)             D.001) 1815 - The queit of Napoleon



D2Bersaw.gif (234183 byte)             D.002) 1866 - Bersaglieri 

                        Mount Cricol Battle



D3WafSSw.gif (225022 byte)              D.003) 1943 - The Waffen SS 

                        Oath of Loyalty



D4NavArw.gif (182469 byte)

            D.004) 1700 Naval Artillery



D5ItaCow.gif (201594 byte)             D.005) 1885  -Italian Colonial Wars- ERITREA

                        Bersaglieri with Colonial Uniform



D6BrNavw.gif (175964 byte)            D.006) 1882  - British Colonial Wars - SUDAN

                       The Naval Brigade with multiple gun " Gardner "



D7ZulWar.gif (356047 byte)

           D.007) 1881-1898 - British Colonial Wars 

                      The Wars in the Sudan


D8BatWat.gif (164123 byte)           D.008) 1815 - Battle of  Waterloo ( 30 mm Models )

                      The charge of the 2nd Royal Scots Greys

                                                       "  Scotland for ever ! "



D9BatWat.gif (163398 byte)          D.009) 1815 - Battle of  Waterloo 

                      Polish Lancer charging a Black Watch



D10CarIng.gif (169681 byte)           D.010) 1820 -  English Royal Mail

                      19 Century " Royal Mail Coach "



D11Yorkto.gif (201249 byte)           D.011) 1781 - Battle of  Yorktown 

                       The  British Army at the battle



D11Yorkdr.gif (111677 byte)         as above )

                        17th  Light Dragoon Officer



D11Yorkgr.gif (113958 byte)

          as above )

                         9th Rgt. of Foot , Grenadier Company Officer




D11Yorkfl.gif (156411 byte)           as above )        from left

                         - Infantry Officer of  9th Rgt. of Foot 

                         - Sergeant of Ligth Dragoon Troop , Queen's Ranger

                                                   - N.C.O. Flagbearer of 9th Rgt. of Foot



D12BriAr.gif (222131 byte)           D.012) 1718 June 1815 - Battle of  Waterloo

                      The  British Army at the battle

                                       List of the soldiers : ( From left back to front right)

- Private marching , 71st Rgt. Light Infantry - King's German Legion

- Officer with sword , 3rd Hussar-                 -King's German Legion

- 2 Privates of Gunner Horse Artillery ,firing.-King's German Legion

- Private of  42nd Highlanders , firing -         

-  Private of  3rd Hussar , firing -                 -King's German Legion

-Wounded Drummer of Line Infantry Batt.  -King's German Legion

- 2 Sergeants ,Centre Comp. Line Inf. Batt. -King's German Legion

- Private dead , Line Infantry Battalion -     -King's German Legion

- Wounded Rifleman sitting ,2nd Light Batt.-King's German Legion


D12BriSi.gif (230639 byte)            as above )

                          Left side view 


D12BriBa.gif (218963 byte)            as above )

                          Back side view 



D13NapCa.gif (207033 byte)                D.013)  18001815 -   Napoleonic Calvary in relax

                            8th and 5th Hussars Elite Companies " Front view "



D14NapCa.gif (199339 byte)

                as above)  

                            8th and 5th Hussars Elite Companies " Back view "




D13NapH8.gif (198180 byte)            as above )

                          8th Hussars Elite Company ( detail ) 





D14NapH5.gif (220568 byte)             as above )

                          5th Hussars Elite Company ( detail )



D16FilKi.gif (189639 byte)                 D.014)                 II War World

                           German  Army - Field Kitchen

                                                      nickname  "Gulasch Kanone "




D15ScoGr.gif (173362 byte)

                  D.015) 18121815 - British Calvary in Napoleonic  Wars 

                             The Royal 2nd Dragoons " Scots Greys "


The charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo ( see also D.008) form one of the most memorable 

pictures in military history. With their cry of " Scotland for ever ! "  they charged upon the legions of France.

During the battle , Sergeant Ewart of the Greys captured an imperial eagle of the French 45th Rgt. , and it is

this which was then incorporated into the regimental badge .



D17Pirat.gif (158853 byte)                   D.016) 1700 The Pirates





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