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       54mm Handpainted "Monitor" Lead Model-soldiers



Stygia is a nigthmare land that fures human adventures , seeling treasuresi nto various 

 subterranean levels.

Varls are savages humanoids of the first  level who prey on travelers for weapons and 

 female slaves.


                              Sty 001)  Varls with bone weapons , dragging girl  Styg1rid.gif (177906 byte)

                         captive and   Vampire girl flying from rock.

     Sanderson Miniatures made/ painted by Greenwood & Ball 

                                                                    U.K. 1980




Satyrs was mythologic humanoids borned in the Peloponnesus or in the Arcady ,ancient seat of

Pan-veneration. They had  ears , horns ,tail and feet as a goat .


Pan110ri.gif (215910 byte)    Pan 001) Satyr chasing and grabbing  nude girl.

    Sanderson Miniatures made/ painted by Greenwood & Ball 

                                                                  U.K. 1980



Pan111ri.gif (38536 byte)    Pan 002) Satyr with arm wrapped around  nude girl.

    Sanderson Miniatures made/painted by Greenwood & Ball 

                                           U.K.  1980





              P11131114r.gif (201613 byte)                Pan 003-004) Satyrs pulling on arm of resisting girl or 

                                cradling lightly  clad girl in arms.

    Sanderson Miniatures made/painted by Greenwood & Ball  

                                                                   U.K.  1980




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