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  54mm Handpainted "Rose Miniatures" Alloy Model-soldiers


The 13th Century Japanese

 After  conquering China and Korean peninsula, Kublai Khan - grandson of the great Gengis Khan-

sent envoys to the Japanese court demanding tribute without any result for 5 years .

In 1274 some 800 ships set sail from Korea ,loaded with some 30.000 Mongols , Chinese and 

Korean , but a terrible storm arose, dashing the Mongol ships about  they were corks ia bowl ,

scattering the fleet and sending scores of vessels to the bottom or smashing against the rocky

shore, at the cost of thousand of lives .

Barely half the fleet made it back to the continent.

The Campain was over and the enemy fleet limped home.

In August 1281 the Mongol 2nd fleet ( 4.000 ships ) set sail from south China and from Korea

with over 200.000 men to have succeeded in their invasion .

Then it happened again :

some time after a retired Emperor made the pilgrimage to Ise to personally entreat the intercession 

of his ancestor the sun goddess at her great shrine, the winds came, worse than before .

This was the Kamikaze , the spirit wind ; at this time , a full two-thirds of the invasion fleet failed 

to return .

The Khan was prevented from raising a third army and fleet.

( News from Osprey " Elite Series " n. 35 -1991 )


1SamJSS1.gif (63526 byte)        Ro.001)         The Mongol invasions -  12741284

                             Samurai sperman with" yari " 




2SamJSS2.gif (61805 byte)        Ro.002)         The Mongol invasions -  12741284

                             Samurai sperman with" naginata " 



    5AttnJA2.gif (66360 byte)                         

       Ro.003)         The Mongol invasions -  12741284

                             Samurai sperman with severed head



4AttnJA1.gif (61368 byte)        Ro.004)         The Mongol invasions -  12741284

                             Attendant sperman lunging




3SamJSS3.gif (66777 byte)        Ro.005)         The Mongol invasions -  12741284

                             Attendant sperman with severed head


(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -Spring Supplement  1977)


The 12th Century Japanese

The Genpei War ( named for he Chinese pronunciation fo the characters making up the names

Minamoto and Taira ) was a struggle which deeply affected the Japanese psyche .

Genji means literally " Minamoto clan " while Heike means literally "Taira family "

The Taira had made a name for themselves in the south subduing pirates and brigants , while the

Minamoto made theirs in north fighting rebels . It was natural that they eventuallt clash.

The banners of the Minamoto were white , and the Taira red , so their red and white mean much the 

same to Japanese as do " blue and grey " to Americans and " orange and green " to the Irish .

( News from Osprey " Elite Series " n. 35 -1991 )


6MonkWar.gif (55752 byte)       Ro.006)         The Genpei war -  11801192

                             Giant warrior monk  ( Musashi-b Benkei ) armed with naginata .





7Sam12thF.gif (55873 byte)        Ro.007)         The Genpei war -  11801192

                             A Minamoto clan Samurai  with Kamakura armour 

                                                ( Front view ) 




8SAm12thS.gif (58786 byte)        Ro.008)         The Genpei war -  11801192

                             A Minamoto clan Samurai With kamakura armour

                                                 ( Side view )




(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -Spring Supplement  1975)


The Napoleonic Era 18001815


9NapBon.gif (61586 byte)       Ro.009)         The Personalities

                             Napoleon Bonaparte in overcoat





10MarLui.gif (82073 byte)       Ro.010)         The Personalities

                             Marie Louise in court dress





21MarBes.gif (65893 byte)        Ro.011)         The Personalities

                             Marshall Bessieres Colonel General Guard cavalry






15PrKiPr.gif (64920 byte)        Ro.012)         French Napoleonic Army 18071814

                             Polish Lancer of the Guard





(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -  1970)



The French Guard and Infantry 16901720

 Luis XIV , whose nickname was  "The Great" or " The Sun King " placed the foundations of a 

coloured French Army as a competitor of the English Army of the time.

The name was " King House Army " in french " Armee de la Maison du Roi ".

The main colour of the French Guard's uniforms were red and blue .

While the white cross of the flag was the same for all the french Regiments and 

was the symbol of the national union, it was different the capital colour .

( News from " I Grandi Reggimenti "- Rizzoli 1968)


11Fr.GuaMFG6.gif (67163 byte)         Ro.013)         The  Luis XIV army

                              Guard Officer with colour





12OffLInfMF3n.gif (68994 byte)       Ro.014)          The  Luis XIV army

                             Officer Line Infantry with drawn sword






13PrLInfMF1Xg.gif (63932 byte)        Ro.015)         The  Luis XIV army

                             Private Line Infantry with drawn sword






(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -Spring Supplement  1977)


The Prussia Army 1750


14GiaGre.gif (61193 byte)        Ro.016)         Prussia Kingdom 1750

                             Giant Grenadier






16GuPoLa.gif (54692 byte)

        Ro.017)         Prussia Kingdom 1760

                             Line Infantry Private




(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -  1970)


The Indian Army in the 19th Century



17GoGeBg.gif (64142 byte)        Ro.018)         The  Indian Regiments 18801920

                             Governor general's Bodyguard , Daffardar





18PuNaOf.gif (68506 byte)        Ro.019)         The  Indian Regiments 18801920

                             Native Officer Punjab Frontier Force






19Daff8th.gif (57873 byte)       Ro.020)         The  Indian Regiments 18801920

                             Native Officer 8th Cavalry, Daffardar





20Of29th.gif (58211 byte)     Ro.021)         The  Indian Regiments 18801920

                           Native Lancer 29th Cavalry  






(Miniatures from Rose Catalogue -  1970)


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