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          54mm Handpainted "Valiant" Lead Model-soldiers


Welcome...to the world of Valiant Miniatures

The figures represent the styles and talents of more than ten of America's prominent 

scultors  in '70 and'80 years.

( Valiant Enterprises Catalogue -1974 edition)


V1-93rd Suth.1815 rid.gif (57001 byte)       Val.001)     Private of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders ,

                                          New orleans 1815.

                Made by Valiant Enterprises Ltd. - USA 1974



This regiment was hand-picked in 1800 from the estates of the Countess of 

Sutherland and was one of the finest regiments in the British Army.

Often described as a regiment of giants ( the average height was 5' 10'')  the 

unit was tragically squantered at New Orleans ; ordered to halt only 150 yard 

from the American lines , the highlanders were mowed down in their ranks , 

suffering an appalling 75% casualties before they were finally allowed to withdraw.



V2-King's Own Rgt.Priv.rid.gif (61922 byte)       Val.002)     Private of the 2nd or The Queen's Own 

                                       Regiment of Foot .

             "British infantry at the beginning of the 18th Century"

             Made by Valiant Enterprises Ltd. - USA 1974


Queen Anne was the first English monarch to issue a proper statute for army

which became the British Army when England and Scotland were united to 

become Great Britain in 1707.

Recruitment was unpopular and not easy , many recuits were enlisted  from 

the poorer classes and a certain number were criminals who enlisted as an

alternative to prison.

  ( British Infantry Uniforms.Liliane and Fred Funcken 1976)


V3-Malta1898 Major rid.gif (59705 byte)       Val.003)     Bugle-Major , the Highland Light Infantry ,

                                                  Malta 1898.

              Made by Valiant Enterprises Ltd. - USA 1974    





The famous highland regiments of the British Army are among the most colorfull 

in history, and in this case the pith helmet for foreign service provides to an 

already striking figure.



V4-BanBu.gif (150932 byte)       Val.004)     Scottish and Wallish wars 12501400

                        A Scoots spearman fighting against an English spearman .

                                                The time of William Wallace " Braveheart " and Robert Bruce.

                                                  The defeat of Edoard I at the battle of  Bannockburn on 1314

                                                               Made by Valiant Enterprises Ltd. - USA 1990






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