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Donato Scialpi - cantautore



Donato Scialpi      singer and song writer


      On 29th of July 1965 Donato Scialpi was born in Taranto, city of the two seas, the sun and the fishermen.He discovers only at the age of twenty of having a natural talent and instinct for music, thanks to the friendship of some brilliant local musicians, at first like author of lyrics than after, in a little while, to find again himself like author and song writer.

     At the age of 26, he decides to leave his town and his job to follow the dream "without any money in his pocket and a great desire to fly ", choosing like destination Florence,attracted by the numerous new musical talents which in those years were starting in this place.

     There is where he starts his first musical collaborations with authors and singers of the place, for several record productions,but no rights to his works is recognized to him.

      Soon after he moved to Rome where currently he lives and he continues to compose, hoping in a better future like author or singer. hoping in a better future like either author or singer. Recently he has collaborated with the music director Beppe D'Onghia as author of a song sung by Hiroko Koda entitled "the Sun" produced and arranged by himself .

      Since a few months now, Beppe Frattaroli, singer, author and arranger, is contributing in a substantial way to the realization of the first CD of the singer/song writer Donato Scialpi.


Scialpi - cantautore