May, 10th 1997:
A team of fearless NightCastleWalkers visited Festenstein.

The tower of Festenstein

They were:

-Marinella Trevisan
-Sandro Summa
-Ruggero Celva
-Maya (Sandro's dog and expedition's guide)
-Emanuele M.Pozzo (President and expedition's loser).
NCW walked for hours through a ghoul-haunted woodland called "Höllental" (Hell's Valley), climbing rocks and wading rivers.
Around midnight they reached the castle.
And, getting to the fortress, they celebrated the victory with a
maremmanian scream
**Festenstein Excursion's Party**
Marinella, Sandro and Emanuele on the                                   Ruggero, Marinella and Sandro trying to
stairs at the entrance of Festenstein.                                        return safe home....

 ...but the way enters a deep, dark and mysterious abyss!
You can find more pictures from Festenstein's Adventure at the site of
Sandro & Marinella
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