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March, 14th 1998. A party of five NightCastleWalkers visited Stein am Ritten, a ruined fortress near Collalbo (BZ).
The night was clear and the almost-full moon rised from behind the Sciliar, one of the most famous mountains of  South Tyrol, showing its typical shape as a big shadow on the horizon.
The long way went down till the bottom of two gorges and ended at a meadow; and at the opposite side of that meadow there was a big, dark shadow: a peak and on its top, a sinister ruined castle.
Returning to the start point, near the first gorge, we saw something that we missed before: the moon lightened a group of earth-pyramids, white and ghostly like an ancient and forgotten gothic church.
We hope to publish soon some pictures of this exciting adventure.
Meanwhile, take a look at the pictures of the 2nd excursion to Stein am Ritten.
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