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The Weimer's Grist Mill
The mill was built by and owned by Jacob Weimer, a feisty immigrant who was proud of his success, enough so to locate the mill in the most prominent spot on his property as he could. Some thought it was to be visible to potential customers, but that was just an added bonus

This is a laser kit manufactured by Branchline (http://www.branchline-trains.com/).
It is my first try on such company kits, and I found
some good laser details and some crazy solutions (brick foundation, brick walls on the water well as well the rear stair mounting was more than a challenge.... a tricky question).

Click on pictures to display it bigger in a popup window

Some views of the building with nails holes row added.
Loading doors are mounted open to let view some inside details.
I add the big stone well inside.
This was made using a white ... pencil rubber and a piece of scrap wood : don't need to be very detailed but add a reality touch!

The water weel brick supports was a trycky question:
corners are matched not so good and give an unrealistic
final view. I cover corner with white plaster , carved it and give several painting steps using different colors.
A final wash of "China ink & Alcool" usual mix give a decent brick wall. Touch some spare brick with "wood stain" pens give variety.

LEFT: the little water trestle was little hard to put toghether but at the end the result looks great. I use a walnut wood stain, the usual wash of ink&alcool and some dark green and black ink inside where water will flow.

RIGHT : put an old poster on the wall help
models to be alive.
printed with my laser printer, ligth sand the paper and a final wash
of very ligth ink/alcool mixture will blend on walls.
LEFT: in a try to obtain a "sceniced" model that will be used on the layout (when I have a final trackplan) , I use a square foam base.

RIGHT : Adding sone carving on foam ( a messy job ) , use of white plaster on your finger and some little real stones ( set it with white glue ) was the base .....
LEFT: for painting . First a brown dirt color and wher dry, some other ligth brown and dark green wher water will be.

RIGHT : detail on the inside wheel. I made it using a pencil-rubber cut down in shape and little pieces of wood. Maybe nobody can note it, but seams to me an eye-catching detail if building was properly positioned on the future layout.

Another two 1940' posters was added ...
.. Roof shingles not yet whetered ...
And a "layout" distance check ...

Maybe a little brass well and rope can be a good detail.

As usual is possible to add some more details:

- Maybe a billboard on roof top with owner name?
- some Flour sacks on docks .... and litter around
- door handlers ? Usingthe head of brass nail (I have some very thin fron my ships jobs) seam simple.

and ... finish the scenery with real dirt, grass and .... don't forget the water.

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