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A simple project : a little field market
This little structure can "interface" your fields with the surrounding roads.
Here farmers offer fresh fruits and local products to drivers or local settlers.
3-1/16 x 3-3/8 x 1-11/16" Footprint

This is a laser kit manufactured by CGLaser ( http://www.gclaser.com/ ). It is my first try on such company kits, and I found pretty good fittings and laser details. Included instructions are not so "verbal" but have nice drawings. An "engineer" feeling seams a good start for a more warm "passionate" company future.

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Unfortunately, this picture are not on focus, but now ... is to late. In any case can give you an idea about the walls.

Preliminary model just painted.

Same as above.

Preparing cassettes for the fruits using "drop out" wood parts from the same kit.

Using white putty or similar paste to emulate products on display.( lemons, apples, prunes, melons, strawberries, artichokes)
and lettuce, pumpkins, etc. It depends on your area and ... season you want model.

Ready to sell on the road!

But I can add some more details:
- Maybe a big Mellon on roof top can attract more customers?
- I don't like the roof stove chimney. Need to remake it!
- Add a rubbish bin in front and a dog house on a side.


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