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This is my life : inside a cockpit of Aermacchi MB 339
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A big hello from Italy to all aviation fans all over the world.

My name is Gianluca and I am an Aviation Patches Collector.
I keep some hundreds of patches that I am collecting from several years.
Since I was child I have a big interest for everything is aviation,
especially military aviation so, many years ago I tried to become
a military pilot with Italian Air Force but without success.
Consequently I served in the Military Police of 2nd Fighter Wing
of Italian Air Force that, at that time, was equipped with Italian
made fighters Fiat G 91 R1/A/T and also with Macchi MB 326
and monopropellers Siai S 208 M. This wing was based in Treviso AB.
I really wish to thank two special women : my wife Paola that tells me
that I am "ill" of planes, and my close friend Julie Cassard. Julie is really
a special person that from some years helps me to find patches and other
things military aviation related.
Julie , I don't have enough words to thank you !
As an our common friend told me : " Julie is an Angel that comes from the sky "

Thanks Girls !

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Last updated : December 9th 2006