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Siai S 16
Siai S 16
Siai S 16

Siai S 16 was the first seaplane made with central hull. The first flight was done on 1919 and it was the most successful seaplane of twenties. The most important raid with this plane ( Siai S 16ter ) was done from Francesco De Pinedo, an Italian Military Pilot, that, on April 20 1925,took off with Ernesto Campananelli from Sesto Calende ( Italy ) to reach after a flight of 55,000 kilometres, the Australia and Japan and consequently coming back to Italy.Some versions were made and exported in some countries in the world.


Siai S 16 : original version made for civil transport. The cockpit could carry five passengers. Some examples were sold to France, Spain and Sweden.
Siai S 16bis : other civil version that had installed the Fiat A.12 bis engine, with a harder hull a longer propeller, bigger fuel tanks.
Siai S 16bis M : military version of Siai S 16bis with a front cockpit for the gunner/observer and pylons under the lower wing. Version sold to Brasilian Navy ( 15 examples ) and Russia, this country bought two batches of 80 planes that served with Navy Aviation on the Black Sea till 1931 with designation S-1bis. Omos, the Russian aviation factories, modified on 1927-1928 a number that later were called under the designation of S-1ter, which were installed a Lorraine-Dietrich engine with 450 CV. Spain had some planes S 16bis M which used the Hispano Suiza engine with 300 CV.
Siai S 16ter : this version was used from Italian Royal Navy starting from 1924. It equipped the 141st flight and 145th flight and later this versions was used to swap the S 16bis M. A number of twelve planes was sold to Turkey.
Siai S 23 : only one example of this version used for training

SIAI S 16ter

Primary Function
bomber and recon seaplane with two/three crews
Siai (Italy)
Power Plant
Lorraine-Dietrich 12Db ( 400 CV )
Maximum Speed
87 mph
(140 Km/h)
1,440 feet
(4,800 meters)
four hours
Empty Weight
5,070 lb
(2,300 kilograms)
Maximum Takeoff Weight
8,576 lb
(3,890 kilograms)
74,6 ft.
(22,74 metres)
38 ft
(11,05 metres)
12,6 ft
(3,84 metres)
Wing Area
1029,4 sq. ft.
(95,64 m2)
one minigun 7,7 mm