NAME: Francesca D'Amico
AKA: Ikkaa, Franky, Chika, Chicca, Francy, Fra, Frank, Frankie, Frà Cool, Mrs Cool, Foxy, Aquilegia, kikka26, Leannansidhe, Johnny Deppa, Jenny Deppa, Poste Italiane.
DOB: 26 February 1991
AGE: Sixteen
LOCATION: Torvaianica Alta, RM
EYES: Dark-Brown
HAIR: Dark-Brown
PIERCINGS: Earlobe x 2
HUSBANDS: Tré Cool & Kimi RAikkOnen
FAMILY: Letizia (mum), Rosario (dad) & Elly (sis)
LANGUAGES: Italian, English, French
SPORT: Swimming since 7 years
PLAY: Electric guitar (Stagg S300 3/4 BK)
CONTACT: x x x x
LOVE: Tré Cool & Kimi Raikkonen . Green Day. Ireland. Scotland. HORROR . Ufo. Stephen King. Owl. My electric guitar. .Bats. World wide web. Nightmare Before Christmas. Alcohol. Dr. Hannibal Lecter . Middle age. Kurt Cobain. Aircraft. Pizza. X-Files. Music . Hello Kitty. Books. Movies. Computer. Invasion. Italian team. Beer (Heineken & Guinness). Rain. Thunderstorm. Lightnings. The Snoo. Buccaneers & pirates. Finland. Popcorn. Jack Sparrow. . T-shirts with stripes. Skull. Night. Snow. FORMULA1. Ghosts. Vampire. Demons. Werewolf. Dracula (I could be the perfect wife for him). Vlad Tepes. Monster. Zombie. Exorcism. Emily the Strange. Sparkling wine (Martini). Black. Purple. Green. American indian. Celt. Concerts. Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo.
RANGE: (RawrMe (C))Spiders+ unstuble graphic +. Math. The Blue. Cheese. Fish. Homework. Bush. Zidane. Paris Hilton. Xstina Aguilera. Britney Spears. Hilary Duff. The simpson. Cigarettes. Leeches. Stupid girls. False people. Fanatic people. Silvia and Sara. Rap. Hip hop. House music. Syringe.
I AM: AmyIsFuck, mad, ironic, unlike, nice, shy, joker, serious, lazy, simply, lowly, fashion, romantic, gothic, precise, stubborn, feminist, dreamer, *I'm against death penalty*, communist (Zecca in the italian slang), drunkard, Heineken*Q*, filmdepending, high school student, serial killer, enamored, of course MYSELF!




30 Seconds To Mars. Apocalyptica. APULANTA. Beatles. Bon Jovi. Clannad. Courtney Love. Cramberries. Deep Purple. Depeche Mode. Duran Duran. Elvis Presley. Evanescence. Fall Out Boy.Franz Ferdinand. Ghost. GREEN DAY. Good Charlotte. H.I.M. Io & i Gomma Gommas. Kaiser Chiefs. Korpiklaani. Jet. Jethro Tull. Liquido. Max Pezzali. Me First & the Gimme Gimme. . Mika. Muse. My Chemical Romance. Nightwish. Nirvana. Oasis. Offspring. Pink Floyd. Placebo. Queens Of The Stone Age. Rem. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Robbie Williams. Scissors Sisters. Sonata Arctica. System Of A Down. Take That. The Calling. The Network. The Raconteurs. The Servant. The White Stripes. Travis. U2. Verdena.



    Duran Duran
    James Blunt

    Black Eyed Peas

MR ROCK (august 2006) [Abruzzo]

GHOST (august 2006) [Abruzzo]

VERDENA (june 2007) [Rome-Laghetto dell'Eur]

GENESIS (july 2007) [Rome]


A Beautiful Mind. Along Came Polly. American Beauty. Armageddon. Billy Elliot. Blue Crush. Bodyguard. Boogeyman. Braveheart. Brokeback Mountain. Bruce Almighty. Casanova. Cast Away. Chocolat. City of Angels. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Cold Creek. Cold Mountain. Come Te Nessuno Mai. Contact. Constantine. Corpse Bride. Daredevil. Dracula 2000. Dragonfly. Dreamcatcher. Elizabethtown. Exorcist. Fear of the Dark. Final Destination1-2-3. Girl with a Pearl Earring. Ghost. Gothika. Grease. Gremlins1-2. Half Light. Hide and Seek. Imaginary Heroes. Interview With The Vampire. Kate & Leopold. King Arthur. Kingdom of Heaven. Jumanji. Jurassic Park1-2-3. Ladder 49. Lost In Translation. Match Point. Meet the Fockers. Meet The Parents. Message In A Bottle. Nanny McPhee. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHISTMAS. Notte Prima Degli Esami. Pearl Harbor. Phone. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World Ends. Polar Express. Pop Rocks!. Red Dragon. Saturday Night Fever. School of Rock. Secret Window. Signs. Snow Dogs. Speed. Spider Man 1-2. Starsky & Hutch. Stir Of Echoes. The Amityville Horror. The Beauty And The Beast. The Butterfly Effect. The Bourne Identity. The Crow1-2-3. The Da Vinci Code. The Day After Tomorrow. The Family Man. The Fog. The Forgotten. The Gladiator. The Green Mile. The Island. THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The Ninth Gate. The Others. The Ring. The Shawshank Redemption. The Silence of the Lambs. The Shining. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.The Upside Of Anger. The Village. Timeline Sell. Titanic. Top Gun. Tu la conosci Claudia?. Van Helsing. War of the Worlds. Warnings. What Women Want. White Chicks. White Oleander.

TV SERIES & OTHER: Invasion, Distretto di Polizia (1-2-3-4-5-6), Takeshi's Castle, Mtv Our Noise, Mtv Brand:New, Rock Tv, Striscia la Notizia, Un Medico In Famiglia, Ugly Betty.



Actors, singers, friends, etc... Men that *thankfulness* exist...or maybe.....not (c)MiSSMoNRoe89.

Alex Corvis. Alessandro( ). Ben Affleck. Billie Joe Armstrong. Claudio (bastardo dentro). Colin Firth. Elvis Presley. Enrico Silvestrin. Eric Mabius. Ewan McGregor. FEDERICO (batakkio 4ever!). Gerard Way. Kyril (Giuggiolo). Il Conte ('fanculo!). L' Irlandese (the Irish-man/bus driver)miss overdose. Jack Skellington. Jim Cavizel. Joaquin Phoenix. Johnny Depp. Josh Homme. Kevin Costner. Kimi
Räikkönen(RawrMe.). Kurt Cobain. Matt Bellamy. Mike Dirnt. Orlando Bloom (?). Raul Bova. SIMONE (non sarò un po' troppo FASHION???). Simo Santapukki. Tom Cruise. Toni Wirtanen. TRE COOL. Valentino Picone. Valmont. Victor Van Dort. Viggo Mortensen.