Video gallery

Just for fun. Videos are grabbed with Fraps 1.9D, resized and reduced to b/w using Zwei-stein 3.01. Quality is quite scarce, image is quite blurred and motion suffers of stuttering. Anyway, happy viewing!

  • Take-off, about 2.5 Mb. The G55 had a pronounced swing to port during take off. Notice how the pilot has to work on the rudder to stay on the runway.
  • Spin, about 8.5 Mb. When near to stall speed, apply left rudder and suddenly increase throttle to start the spin. To exit the spin: nose down to gain speed, right rudder to slow the rotation, cross your fingers and hope you have enough altitude.
Both these two videos show features of the G55 flight model: thanks to Gregory Pierson that developed the FM for the G55 and to Jerry Beckwith and the other guys at AvHistory for their work on the 1% development process.

Screenshot gallery

All images are from CFS3.1, the only retouch I did is to darken the borders and to add a little noise in some cases. Images are at different stages of development, more are coming. Click to see a bigger image.

Ready to start That damned tail wheel leg ... To the infinity and beyond! Over the Alps (again & again) Dancing in the clouds Time to wake up boys! Keine Bombe! The hangar door was too narrow ... Right side ... ... left side. Chasing Spitfires ... Bored by uniform verdeolivascuro? Eventually we have a decent cockpit ... ALL systems off!