Project goals

The project comprehends three models of the Fiat G55 Centauro as addons for MS CFS3 (and/or its subsequent versions, as this is a long term project):

  • the G55 in its very first production configuration, the so named "Serie I - Sottoserie 0",
  • the G55 in the widely known production configuration, the proper "Serie I",
  • and the G56, the last version equipped with the DB603 engine.
The last one can be considered a "what if", as it was ready for production but - thanks God - war ended first.

Each model will have different flight model versions and will be available in several historical skins plus a generic multiplayer skin (see also the page about features).

Two Sottoserie 0's and three Serie I released!
"RA 353-12", "ANR 1 giallo", "Luftwaffe confiscated", "ANR 5 giallo" and "ANR 6 nero", are available for download at AvHistory.


Lot of people ... the below list is not complete, I'm still working to it .

  • First of all, thanks to Microsoft for the decision to make FS/CFS as open platforms. This particular aspect rates the MS simulators several notches above all the other competitors even if, sometimes (CFS3 for instance ), the sold products are not at the state of the art. My hope is that MS continues in this direction further improving documentation and support to developers.
  • A big thank goes also to the Internet community of FS/CFS users and in particular to people committed in the administration of web sites and forums like those at Netwings, Sim Outhouse, AvHistory.
  • To AvHistory goes a special thank for their mission of preserving and exploring aviation history through flight simulation. For the G55 they (and in particular Gregory Pierson, author of the 1% flight and damage models of the G55) make the difference between a static model and a flying one!
  • Martin Wright provided the tools for working with the textures, DXTbitmap in particular.
  • ...

Countdown to next release

Project idea is back to June 2002. After collection of historical documentation, data and drawings (actually a never ending task), actual work started in September 2002, using GMax and the FS2002 SDK. When CFS3 went out, project switched to the new platform.

In the average I spent about 6-8 hours a week on this project, family and work come first and my free time is also shared with other interests, including other FS/CFS little projects. As a consequence the G55 project is going on quite slowly. Even if the screenshots show a near to be completed aircraft, 80% of the effort is for things you see only in few rare occasions: internal parts, endcaps, animations, ... the actual fun of the modeller is there, but lot of time is required. Moreover, I also like to experiment and try to add new things. So the project is far to be completed and you have to be patient.

The first releases of the Sottoserie 0 will are available at AvHistory, but something of the external 3d model (like cockpit details and endcaps) is still to be done and the VC is very rough, they will be updated in the future. When the next release will be? In the following I will keep track of the progress so you can make your estimations.

Progress status

All models

  • 3d model common parts, main LOD (done), lower LODs (done), animations (done);
  • visual damages and endcaps (40%), mos file (done), mos custom textures (10%);
  • custom special effects (experimenting);
  • virtual cockpit (55%) with Italian gauges (55%), dynamic eyepoint (done), double gunsight (done).

G55 Serie I, Sottoserie 0

G55 Serie I


Italian Pilots

  • fictional character Angelo Toscanini (done), is available in the Nationality Expansion Kit by Rick "RCAF_Gunner" Rutherford;
  • fictional character n. 2 (10% still elaborating on the biography);
  • fictional character n. 3 (10% still elaborating on the biography).

External payloads

  • external tanks (done, are available in the AvHistory Weapon Pack.);
  • 100 or 160 Kg Italian bomb (researching).