Personal motivations

I don't like at all the Fascist or Nazi ideologies. This page is not to support them, nor I'm proud of the role Italy had in WWII. I love my country and I have a great respect for all the men who fought in those terrible days, whatever side they were, but these feelings are totally different from sharing or apologizing evil ideologies.
The presence of Fascist and Nazi insignia on the virtual G55 model is for accuracy of the representation. Moreover, I believe that hiding those markings helps only to hide the errors that we made in the past and not to learn from them.

I love vintage aircrafts, by building a virtual representation of one of the best results of our aeronautical industry I want to give a tribute to the history of Italian aviation and to remember the men that lived those dramatic events.

Why the G55?

First of all, we are considering piston powered aircrafts. Are the others aircrafts? May be rockets with wings or computers with wings ... my opinion of course . Anyway, the best expression of the aircraft concept is the single seat, single engine fighter. This is the essence: the minimum for maxing out the performance (well, to be honest, this apply also to jet fighters).
So, it has to be a single piston engine, single seat fighter, and it has to represent one of the best result of our industry. It must be one of the Serie 5, this is straigthforward. Moreover, the Serie 5 represents the union of Italian design with German engines, two always fascinating topics.

Now the most difficult choice: which one of the three? I decided for the G55 for basically three reasons. First of all, as the best average performer, the G55 was the winner of the tender issued by the Regia Aeronautica; this is quite an objective reason. Second, the G55 had a long life that proves the validity of its base design. During war, as the G56, it was able to mount the DB603, the last evolution in the DB engines serie. After the war it was built as G55A and G55B (double seat version) and sold to foreign countries, contributing to the renaissance of the Italian industry. In the same years, as the G59, it was able to mount the RR Merlin engines that were available in quantities in the post war market, becoming the last piston powered fighter built in Italy. Last, and very subjective, among the three Serie 5's, the G55 is the most beautiful one. In terms of pure lines it seems to me one of the most clean and fine fighters ever built. To help the evaluation of this claim, the below picture shows together the profiles of the three Serie 5 fighters. Everyone can make his choice, I made mine .