Italian and Slovenian Mountains for your . . .

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If you come from Europe you'll need your ID card and an International Driving License (type A, or B if obtained before 1985), the international insurance (green card) is no more necessary in Slovenia, neither in Italy. You can start the tour from different places (marked in green in the map). Let's imagine to start from Cividale del Friuli, from hereyou take direction Kobarid and after 26 km through the fantastic "Valli del Natisone" (Natisone Valley), visiting, San Pietro al Natisone, Pulfero, Stupizza and finally arriving toKobarid (Caporetto), you'll drive all the time with the Natisone river at your left. In all these towns there is a Friulan-Slovenian-Austrian speciality called GUBANA, very good in winter time together with GRAPPA (don't drink too much you'll drive !). Once you cross the border you'll finish the valley with a nice asphalt and smooth curves, but pay attention, some of them are more tight than what they seem to be, so keep a very controllable speed. From here there are two possibilities one to the right (direction Most Na Soci - Nova Gorica) and to the left (we'll go there direction Bovec). Here a fast mixed roads plenty of very technical curves will start, without forgetting the panoramic view all the time (all the time with the Isonzo River to your right). Once in Bovec you must take a decission, following the Predil Pass (to go back to Italy) or through Kranjska Gora Pass (with its 50 tournants numbered). The Predil Pass is one of the best passes around this area, with 7 km. of technical driving with a "good" asphalt under your tires; on top of the pass you'll arrive to the border, so be carefull not to reach the customs at 140 km/h. The alternative was Kranjska Gora (well known for the winter ski world cup). Fifty four (54) tournants, all of them numbered to keep you informed where you are all the time, it's very nice, but don't speed up too much! there are some parts of the road that may have ice (even in summer, due to the shadow). Once you reach the top you can make a stop and observe all around you the fantastic mountains, remember you're at 1611 m. From here we'll drive to Bled following direction Jesenice, also this road is nice in the middle of fields and mountains to finish at Bled lake. Visit the castle and have a tour around the lake (why not rent a boat and make some rawing = very romantic ;-)). Once there you can proceed to the second important lake of our tour Bohinjsko Jezero, where you can have some food in the border of the lake and breath really pure air. From here following the road you'll arrive to Zelesniki and then to Grahovo so to Most Na Soci, where crossing a little bridge over the Isonzo, you'll have under yourself the narrowest point of the river. From here you may go back to Kobarid and so closing a tour or proceed to Nova-Gorica (south) to reach again the Italian border (a different one). All the tour from Cividale and back is around 400 km. An excellent road also is starting from Cividale direction Tarcento and from there through Pass of Tanamea and into the Triglav Park (all decribed above). - The gasoline in Slovenia costs more or less Lit. 1100 (1.2 DM) a liter. - Slovenian Police is always waiting for you after a curve with their radars. - Good food but not good cofee (for italians). - In winter time get well dressed due to the low temperatures. - If you're planning to make this travel in a weekend, call me !

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Travel through the Italian "Alto Adige" (Sd Trol) Mountains
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