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BY FISHING ARRIVES THE SEA. "White or blue, in harmony with the moment and the position of the stars"

Greek poet Odysseus Elitis (1911-1996) also spelled Odysseas Elytes, original surname Alepoudelis

winner of the 1979 Nobel  prize for literature. "Axion Esti". He was born in 1911 in the city of Iraklion in the southern Aegean island of Crete and he studied Law in the University of Athens.Elitis began writing poetry in 1935 and since then he never stopped. He also wrote treatises and translated in Greek some of the best works of foreign literature. In his poems is noticed a deep sense of life, and a strength that are being manifested through the continuous presentation of vague pictures connected with each other through logical consequence. He was one of the most important contemporary European writers and one of the leading representatives of surrealism.

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"If language were not such a simple means of communication there would not be any problem. But it happens, at times, that it is also an instrument of "magic". In addition, in the course of centuries, language acquires a certain way of being. It becomes a lofty speech. And this way of being entails obligations".  

"The wind was wistling continuously, it was
getting darker, and that distant voice was
incessantly reaching my ears : "an entire life"...
"an entire life"...On the opposite wall, the shadows of the
trees were playing cinema".



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