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Spanish Language For Foreigners

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Spanish language courses to learn Spanish in Argentina

Our school is dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires, one of Argentina's most beautiful places. You can find the attractions of  the most European-like city in Latin America. 

Some information on Buenos Aires: Population: 11 million, highly literate and cultured. Incredible cultural and nightlife. Transportation: Efficient and inexpensive. Buenos Aires is one of the safest cities in the world. Food/Water: Unlike other countries, water from the tap and food (even from cheap places) is 100% safe. Temperature: 5 C° to 15 C° in winter, 25 to 32 C° in summer.

To learn is a collaboration between the trainer and the learner, we offer you the  skill, patience and enthusiasm of our teachers along with modern methodology. 


Buenos Aires 
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Teatro Colon - Buenos Aires


Argentina I.L.E.E. is one of the first schools of Spanish for foreigners in Argentina and has a permanent staff of professors with a high level of specialization and a maximum degree of coordination. Also, the teaching staff is constantly supervised by a pedagogical coordinator. This allows the educational system of Argentina I.L.E.E.Spanish Schools  to offer a solid internal structure that accompanies the learning process of students of all levels.

The system of initial evaluation and the constant supervision of each student assures the adjustment of the course to the needs of each of the students of our schools. Further more, the reduced groups allow a maximum attention to the difficulties as well as the progress of each one of the members.

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools count on own material, designed that the student enters progressive understanding of the Spanish grammar and its uses in the speech. From the first classes the student will already count on correct grammar knowledge to present himself, to request and to give information, to make purchases, reservations, etc.

In the classes, grammar contents are introduced and put into practice through listening comprehension and role plays as well as written exercises. Thus, starting off with the correct use of the language, the student will be able to actively participate speaking and listening outside the school. We consider that the understanding of the grammar is an essential tool, that enables the student to express himself correctly, according to his level.

Although from the first levels informative material is used for the student to gain a progressive understanding of the cultural context, it is from the intermediate level I that journalistic or historical texts, as well as those concerning the way of life in our country, are included as a daily activity. This way the vocabulary is extended, linguistic interchanges between the students are generated and cultural and historical contents are deepened. Also, the cultural activities suggested by the school are offered with the purpose of assisting the student to acquire an integral understanding of the Argentine social cultural development.

In levels intermediate III and advanced I and II, the students participate in more formal communicative situations, in which, as it is done when studying history and literature, they have interviews, take notes during lectures, expose a subject to their classmates, work with audio and video material of different degrees of complexity and of thematic diversity. The material used for advanced levels is selected from what is of current use for a native Argentinian with a university degree or superior education.

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools offer specific programs for advanced levels, that integrate history, art and literature; programs specially composed for a deep and successful immersion in the Argentine culture. Ask for our Medicine Spanish Program.

Argentina I.L.E.E. Book I and II. Exercises for Intensive Spanish Course, Intermediate Spanish (Conversation), Español en Directo 1 y 2, Selection of material from the media (videos, newspapers, etc.) Talking Business in Spanish, Latino American novels and short stories, Nivel de Perfeccionamiento. A que no Sabes? (Advanced level).



The students with previous knowledge of Spanish who decide to take group classes must take an oral and written placement evaluation in order for ILEE to determined the level of Spanish and to choose the appropriate group.

Elementary level : 40 classes 

Intermediate level 1 : 40 classes 

Intermediate level 2 : 40 classes 

Intermediate level 3 : 40 classes 

Advanced level 1 : 80 classes 

Advanced level 2 : 80 classes




Program A: group classes (55 minutes per class, 6 students max. per class)
Frequency: 20 hours per week.

Program B: private classes (45 minutes per class)
10 to 40 private classes per week. You may choose frequency.

Program C (intensive): Group plus Private
20 group classes plus 10 private classes per week.

Program Tango
Add 2 tango classes (90 minutes each), plus 2 outings to dance it in real "milongas" to your Spanish program. Just choose your Spanish Program ( A, B or C) and add extra US$60 per week. Classes are held at one of the best tango academies in town, 99 % of the Tango students/dancers are argentinian, hence standards are high for us.
Please ask for details.

All programs include workshops on Argentine History, Culture and Politics from intermediate level on.

Commencement days of courses: Any day year-round.

Please come to school upon arrival (Monday to Friday) in order to sit for an oral and written placement test.



Argentina I.L.E.E. can help arrange accommodations in Argentine middle-class homes. Private room. Students are able to cook and use the home as if it were their own.
Cost: Single US$ 100 per week. Double: ( 2 students coming together) U$D 150
Breakfast & dinner provided at home: extra US$ 50 per week.
Hotels: 4 stars hotels.
Cost: Single US$ 300 x week.
Location: Walking distance from Argentina I.L.E.E.
Private apartments: please ask.

Argentina I.L.E.E. offers a very active Social and Cultural Activities program. It is organized 4 times a week and includes day or weekend trips. It includes orientation for organization of the students' free time. Our coordinator will guarantee you have a lot of fun, meet people and visit all the interesting places in and out of the city.




Program A. Group classes US$ 210 a week.
Program B: Private classes US$ 20 per class. (US$ 18 if the student pays more than 20 classes.)
Program C: Group plus Private US$ 380 a week.
Program Tango: Add 4 Tango classes a week in the best Tango academy in town. Cost: US$ 70 a week .Just add this to the selected language program.
Registration fee: US$ 60. Includes material for all the program, placement test, certificate, no-limit free cafeteria during classes, International Student Card and orientation package. Airport transfer on arrival.

Note: No refunds after program started. We can credit/postpone your classes for later on if needed.


Buenos Aires

It is the most European-like city in Latin America.

Population: 11 million, highly literate and cultured. Incredible cultural and nightlife.

Transportation: Efficient and inexpensive. Buenos Aires is one of the safest cities in the world. Food/Water: Unlike other countries, water from the tap and food (even from cheap places) is 100% safe.

Temperature: 5 C° to 15 C° in winter, 25 to 32 C° in summer.

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Argentina I.L.E.E.
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