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All the software/information contained in this page is free stuff.   I downloaded it from free sites and it was declared as free software, freely re-distributable; if this was not or turned later to be different in some way it is/will not be my problem.  Some of the software or code may have been produced by myself and, if present here, is intended to be fully free.   In any case I do not hold any responsibility for all of these packages detention, use, misuse or any eventual damage caused by it/them,  shall the software even be defective or carry unwanted or undesired routines.  If you are the author of some packages present here and desire your package to be removed contact me immediately at the email addresses on the entry page; you will be satisfied asap.

Italian band plan 137Khz - 1296 Mhz from A.R.I. Milano site (152K pdf file)

Italian band plan 2.3Ghz - 47 Ghz from A.R.I. Milano site (94K pdf file)

EME qso procedures from 2002 EME conference in Prague (50K pdf file)

The great VK3UM (EME) site radiation and performance calculator (280K zip file)

1296 MHz OE9PMJ TH308 PA construction plans;  (644K pdf file)

Fujitsu and Nec Gaas Fet markings.  From PA3CSG site (6K zip file)

Mitsubishi Gaas Fet markings.  from UHFDX site (247K pdf file)

Tube P.A. flash over protection by OE5JFL - Dubus (79K pdf file)

23cm Transverter from DB6NT - DF9LN (1082K pdf file)

Siemens TWT RWN 110 power supply schematic (2080K zip file)  Tnx to Vico I4ZAU.

Generate 24 Volts DC from 12 Volts DC (34K jpg file schematic)   (12K doc file, document)