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gregorian chant

Viri Galilaei choir of gregorian chant was formed in 1985 by the director, Enzo Ventroni. Assisted by experts, the members train on both a vocal and interpretative level and are in direct contact with the monastic tradition including seminars in Cremona held by AISCGRE (International Association of Gregorian Chant Study). 

In the 1996, the ASSOCIATION VIRI GALILAEI was formed in order to implement several ideals which include the study and divulgation of Gregorian Chant and the Christian Culture.


Associazione Viri Galilaei

Via dei Pescioni 3, 50123 Firenze

phone  +39 055 268613 
fax  +39 055 268613  

        Current Postal Account 19533504 registered to "Associazione Viri Galilaei"

  President:             Igino Canestri.
  Directive counsel: Alessandro Guidi, Enzo Ventroni,
                              Francesca Poli, Igino Canestri,
                              Maria Angela Giannecchini,
                              Roberto Poli, Sandro Danti.

  Choir director:      Enzo Ventroni.

  Repertoire:           Gregorian's liturgy.



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Link CD "Canti Avvento e del Natale"

Link CD "Canti Avvento e del Natale"

Link CD "Alle origini del dramma Sacro"

Link CD "Alle origini del dramma Sacro"


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