The FourWaySplitter is a layout manager which manages four children like four panes in a window. You can use a four-way splitter for example in a CAD program where you may want to maintain three orthographic views, and one oblique view of a model. The FourWaySplitter allows interactive repartitioning of the panes by means of moving the central splitter bars. When the FourWaySplitter is itself resized, each child is proportionally resized, maintaining the same split-percentage.
The main characteristics of FourWaySplitter are:

  • Handles horizontal, vertical or four way sizing via the sashes;
  • Delayed or live update when resizing;
  • Possibility to swap windows;
  • Setting the vertical and horizontal split fractions;
  • Possibility to expand a window by hiding the onther 3.

    And a lot more. See the demo for a complete review of the functionalities.

Download FourWaySplitter

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