Why overseas property

Overseas property as an investment
The desire to seek a better quality of life, and rising numbers of UK property investors have resulted in around 800,000 UK households currently owning property abroad (an increase of 45% in two years).

A report by Mintel claims that this figure is set to double because consumers are buying for such a variety of reasons. This claim is broadly in line with other industry estimates. Research undertaken by ICM indicates that Barclays suggest a total of 2 million people in the UK planned to buy a home overseas whilst Data Monitor forecast 2.2 million planned purchases. Both conclude that this number was likely to double in the next few years.

The study also predicted that over 2 million British Nationals would own an overseas home by 2025.

Highlighting the power of the web, the Mintel report found that more than one in ten "heavy internet users" plans to move abroad.

When looking at the reasons for buying, Mintel found that "sun worshippers" (31%) and "speculators" (31%) were the largest groups followed by "multi-purpose investors" (22%), and retirement investors (16%), showing the true diversity of the overseas property marketplace.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office estimates that around 13 million British nationals live abroad, with recent research from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggesting that 350,000 people are moving abroad every year.

Surveys results may vary, but the underlying facts are undeniable; more and more UK residents are buying overseas property for a variety of different reasons from lifestyle to investment purchases.

With the ease of travel via budget airlines and Open Skies Policies combined with increasing levels of holiday makers booking private rental accommodation - it has never been a better time to consider an overseas holiday home as an investment.

Investors look to property because it has historically proven to be one of the most reliable options for investment and can offer lucrative returns. While other investment options can provide reasonable returns, they tend to be more volatile. Property investment is more stable and, consequently, has fewer risk implications.

With conventional investments and savings accounts providing such low rates of return, many clients have turned to property to build up substantial funds on a more consistent basis.

No other investment allows such flexibility in terms of staging payments or the ability to financially gear. Gearing enables an investor to enjoy the benefits of returns based upon the full asset value having invested a much smaller percentage.

On average, the value of a property doubles every seven years.

A property worth 4,000 just 30 years ago would today be worth around 270,000.

Equities or stocks can be volatile, but long-term property investment is historically stable. That might explain why 50% of individuals on "The Times Rich List" made their money through property investment.

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