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xwin-1   xwin-2   xwin-3   openoffice  

This is my personal muLinux, booting from a CD-ROM. I did it using the muLinux standard read-only cloning utility. As You know, a CD-ROM is bigger compared to a floppy-disk, so I had been able to add a gigantic extra add-on in it, containing:
  • The SVGA X server
  • The XFCE Window Manager
  • Netscape 3.0
  • GTK+ and GNOME support
  • The Gnomba Samba Browser
  • Linux Manual Pages
  • Ghostscript and Ghostview
  • xv, xanim, The Gimp
  • Mulinux Kernel Sources
  • ScreenLocks, Demos
  • Plan Scheduler for X
  • OpenOffice 6.0 (aka StarOffice)
  • etc, etc.


Donations are always welcome. If you like to donate money for this Project, please put 20 US dollars (or equivalent DM, UK Pound or Lit) in a postal envelope and send it to the address over to the right in blue.
As reward for your sentimentalism, I will send a CD-ROM with MuLinux El-Torito as soon as possible (I have have to create the CD, get in my car, drive down to the post office, etc, etc)

Michele Andreoli, via La Malfa,1 - 56025 Pontedera (PI) - Italy m.andreoli@tin.it
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